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Styropan was established in Thessaloniki in 1982 and its primary activity is the production of insulation products. The company’s expanded polystyrene industrial unit of 4000 m2 is one of the most advanced in Northern Greece, producing a wide range of expanded polystyrene products under the brand Styropan EPS. In 2009, next to the present facilities, the new owned ultramodern production unit of extruded polystyrene Styropan XPS was added, with a surface of 5000 m2.

With more than 31 years of experience in the construction of insulation products, Styropan today holds a prominent position in the Greek market, while dynamically expands its business in the Balkans.

Styropan company sustainability


The continuous investment in new technologies along with the seamless effort to improve the technical training of manpower, enable Styropan to provide the market with quality products in light of the most friendly, client-oriented concept.  
Individuals or manufacturers can directly find the most reliable, innovative building solutions under the joint effort to achieve energy efficiency and sustainability.

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