What is Expanded Polystyrene EPS

Expanded polystyrene EPS is a lightweight, rigid, plastic and foamy material. It is manufactured from polystyrene beads and consists of 98% air.

It is an inexpensive, light, easy to use, durable, moisture resistant,100% recyclable and environ- mentally safe product with many applications. It has exceptionally long durability, since it does not deconstruct and has dimensional stability. It is widely used in constructions as well as in the industrial sector for the production and packaging of consumer goods.

In constructions it is widely used in a number of applications, 
such as: 

  • External insulation of buildings
  • Thermal and moisture insulation in walls and basements
  • Thermal insulation of concrete elements (beams, pillars, walls etc.) 
  • Thermal insulation between floorings (during concrete-laying) 
  • Double wall thermal insulation (between the bricks) 
  • Insulation of floorings, walls, ceilings and roofs
  • Inverted roof insulation 
  • Inter floor heating
  • Renovations and Decoration, internal and/or external 
  • Road works
  • Bridgeworks
Why use Styropan EPS

Styropan EPS boards are excellent insulation materials because: 

  • They do not distort
  • Their dimensions remain stable 
  • They offer excellent thermal insulation
  • They offer sound insulation
  • They are waterproof and cannot be corroded
  • They don’t create water vapour barriers, so they prevent the formation of dampness 
  • They are very compatible with almost all construction materials
  • They are easy to transport and use
  • They function as retardants in case of a fire 
  • They are absolutely safe to handle and use. 

EPS is an inert, non toxic material. It is 100% recyclable and free of CFC, HCFC and HFC gases (chlorofluorocarbon, hydrochloro- fluorocarbon and hydrofluoro- carbon gases), which makes it safe for one’s health both while manufacturing and using it. 

EPS Products


Our company produces the following types
of EPS boards:

  • Blue coloured boards under the brand names
    Isoblock EPS 80, Isowand & Isomak EPS 120
  • White coloured boards under the brand name
    Dipol® EPS 50, EPS 60, EPS 80, EPS 100,
    EPS 120, EPS 150 
    (CE certified for its technical standards)
  • Silver- grey coloured boards under the brand
    name of Neopor® which contain graphite.