The use of EPS for laying building foundations offers many advantages compared to the traditional method: cleanliness, speed, economy, reliability, quality and safety. The old method made foundation laying a time consuming process, where one had to alternate between worker teams, there was a margin for mistake, deformations and landslides or collapsing of the landfills and high construction costs.

With EPS this procedure is accelerated since all the foundation tasks are simplified as follows:

  1. The foundation floor is formed
  2. Cleaning concrete is laid
  3. The reinforcements are placed
  4. EPS Geofoam of an appropriate resistance is placed
  5. The reinforcements of the slab are placed.
  6. The procedure ends with the final concrete laying.


1. Placing reinforcements 2. Placing EPS Geofoam 3. Placing EPS Geofoam

So, laying foundations with the use of EPS 


  • Speeds up the process
  • Requires fewer worker teams
  • Does not require the use of shuttering
  • Eliminates problems
  • Offers uniform resistance to the foundations 
  • The foundations and the ground floor are reinforced and bonded simultaneously
  • The construction cost is minimized due to the lesser amount of concrete (up to 50%) and reinforcements required and the difference from the quicker completion of the works 
4. Placing reinforcement of the foundation slab
5. Concrete pouring 6. Final result