Expanded polystyrene is an exceptionally easy to use material when it comes to decorating and renovating. It collaborates perfectly with various rendering materials such as plaster, plastics, colours etc. Various forms and representations in relief can be reproduced easily and economically with EPS. Because the material is lightweight yet rigid, with a large life span, it offers quality and reliability to renovations of old historic buildings or monuments without compromising the static loads.

EPS can be used in:

  • frames of various shapes and sizes
  • pediments
  • embossed or relief representations and sculptures
  • corbels
  • metopes
  • pillars, pillar bases and capitals
  • arches
  • domes
  • advertising structures
  • shop windows
  • stage sets

Apart from the moulded designs, with the use of routers, EPS can be cut in any shape and size desired. 

Styropan manufactures a variety of EPS products for decorative use, such as ceiling tiles, mouldings, rosettes, pillars, capitals, special moulds for concrete pillars and constructions for circular balcony parts.
In addition to the designs we manufacture, we offer the possibility to order a custom made design and mould, according to the customer’s request.

Ornamental ceiling tiles


Ornamental ceiling tiles from expanded and extruded polystyrene are the ideal solution for covering ceilings and walls in houses, offices, shops, etc. They are lightweight, easy to use, self-extinguishing in case of fire, with sound proofing properties. 

Apart from ornamental ceiling tiles, we also manufacture simple ceiling tiles for thermal and sound insulation. They are applied easily and quickly with special glue. They adhere to any surface, such as concrete, wood, metal, etc and can be coated with plastic paint.

They are manufactured according to German standards.

Instructions: Spread the glue on various parts of the tile and place it where desired. The coating with plastic paint can be done with a brush or a painting gun before or after its placement.

COLOURED CEILING TILES (Extruded polystyrene)
DIMENSIONS: 500 x 500mm / THICKNESS: 6mm - PACKAGING: 8 pieces or 2m2


WHITE CEILING TILES (Expanded Polystyrene)
DIMENSIONS: 500 x 500 mm / THICKNESS: 12mm / PACKAGING: 8 pieces or 2m2 


Ornamental rosettes


Ornamental rosettes are one of the most simple and easy ways to decorate a room’s ceiling. Nowadays they are mostly made of expanded polystyrene and have replaced the traditional plaster made rosettes because they are made from a non-toxic material, they are extremely resilient, and they maintain their dimensions and are recyclable.

They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so that you find the one most suited for your interior. They are produced in standardized sizes and are easily applied with the use of special glue.

DECOLEP glue for rosettes and mouldings
Available in 310ml and 1.5 kg packaging



Decorative wall panels


Under construction