The Styropan series of cutting machines of polystyrene allows you to minimize your work time, with quick accurate cuts. Furthermore, with their use it is possible to form the slabs in any thickness, shape or size, in order  to meet any style. Easy to handle, they are the ideal tool for the installation of External Thermal Insulation of walls, inclined roofs and taper bevel in the  perimeter thermal insulation.


General Description – Polystyrene Cutting machine Polyquick 3000

The PolyQuick 3000 is an expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene cutting machine, well designed for use on construction sites for professionals. The use is based on a system of a heated wire, having an advantage   compared with conventional cuts when using a saw or a blade, since in this way the cuts are  extremely precise and clean, while furthermore there are no statically charged polystyrene granules. With PolyQuick  larger volumes of polystyrene can also be cut while  even the most complex cuts are now possible.

κόφτης πολυστερίνης polyquick


The machine has been made in Germany with the following                                         technical characteristics.  

 Γερμανικής κατασκευής



Technical Characteristics




 1340mm    transformer:
220-230V / 50-60Hz
42V / 200 VA /IP 54

Cutting Depth:

 330mm    Ungled Cuts: Embedded, 0-10%

Height Setting:

 0-210mm    Base:   Aluminium
Telescoping handle:  Expendable 330 mm
to 530 mm
    Cutting arc:
 Coated cutting arc in bearings


Integrated support arm with a slot on scaffolding

By using Polyquick 3000 the possibilities are limitless. There is the possibility of turning the arc from  0-55ο while the arm can also be rotated from 0-45ο (alignment of the slabs with stop). Additionally there is a special provision of lateral cuts 0-10% as well as a telescopic  arc handle with extension from 330mm to 530mm



κόφτης πολυστερίνης τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά 

The polystyrene insulation slabs to be cut can be aligned with the arm bearing a special stop. There is a foldable leg for securing the machine as well as a special provision for fixing on the scaffoldings . Additionally, the cutting system includes an adapter that may even be connected to a foot switch for greater convenience and speed of work.

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   κόφτης πολυστερίνης τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά



It is noted that the convex base of Polyquick 3000 offers extra stability. 

κόφτης πολυστερίνης κυρτή βάση
κόφτης πολυστερίνης-κιβώτιο

Finally, with  the purchase of Polyquick you also get  the special metal shipping and storage container

Cutting examples


κόφτης πολυστερίνης παραδείγματα κοπής 



It is important to read the following safety use instructions carefully and completely

- The operator of the unit should be trained and be familiar with the device . During the operation of the unit,  the use of the appropriate personal protective equipment should be made  and all necessary measures required when performing a hot work should be taken.

-The unit can be operated only with the original cables supplied with the purchase. The use of other cables can lead to destruction of the adapter or at increased risk of fire or other damage.


-The use of the unit should be done outside or in a properly ventilated area.


-The device operates with a low voltage adapter connected to power supply of 220V. It is therefore important to protect the device from moisture. The operation in air or other moisture conditions are not allowed!

- In case repairs need to be made, disconnect the device from the power supply !


- Repairs are made only by authorized personnel.


- Attention after using disconnect the machine from the power !


- The wire is very hot during cutting and should not be contacted in any way . This would result in serious burns . Therefore , it is recommended to use suitable protective gloves . Furthermore , the wire is under high tension . During operation, there is the possibility that the wire be cut and a spark appears . Therefore, the use therefore of protective safety glasses is mandatory !

-Before starting work, all machine screws must be tightened as well as the outputs must be connected correctly.


-Before using you should ensure the stable placement and removal of sources of risk from the surroundings.


-If the wire is not heated after prolonged continuous use, the adapter can be overheated and must be left to cool.


-The button must not be always pressed! (fire hazard)