Expanded polystyrene is an excellent material for the manufacture of packaging because, due to its nature (98% air enclosed in its cells), it provides insulation and protection.

Its insulation properties make it a very reliable packaging material, since it remains unaffected by moisture or low temperature conditions. It is very resilient, so packages made of EPS can be piled safely, without concern for the products contained within.

EPS is used for the packaging of a number of products. The protection it offers during transport and handling makes it the ideal material to this purpose. Isothermic packages from EPS can be used for food, fruits and vegetables, bottled and refrigerated goods to protect and preserve their freshness, without leakages or breakages during transport.

Some indicative packaging products made of EPS are:

  • Packaging for electric and electronic appliances
  • Protective corners for appliance
  • Boxes for marble slates
  • Toy packaging
  • Cases and displays for shelf products
  • Boxes for pharmaceuticals and vaccines 
  • Boxes for the transport of biological material
  • Seeding trays
  • Packaging of agricultural produce 
  • Fish boxes and crates
  • Fruit and vegetable boxes and crates
  • Meat trays, food trays
  • Ice cream and Confectionary packaging
  • Wine and alcoholic beverages’ packaging
  • Water and food refrigerators
  • Loose packaging

Apart from the products we manufacture, there is the possibility of manufacturing a custom made mould, according to the customer’s request, thus providing a solution to any packaging problem.