Expanded Polystyrene or EPS thanks to its mechanical properties (small specific gravity, extreme elasticity and resistance despite its small weight), has proven to be an excellent solution for shielding buildings against earthquakes

The Geotechnical Engineering Lab of the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Patra has researched and studied the use of compressible inclusions made of EPS as a means of shielding against seismic thrusts exerted on ground retaining structures and has received very positive results.

It has been shown that using EPS as a seismic insulation inclusion on regular ground retaining walls, as opposed to using concrete, is a superior solution and in fact lowers the costs up to 40%.

This insulating property of EPS has been proven to be mainly due to two factors: its compressibility and that the lesser the density of the compressible inclusion, the larger its insulating ability.