Industrial floor

Insulating industrial floors such as freezing chambers is a particularly demanding application as far as the sealing material is concerned because it must withstand heavy loads.

For this reason, the thermal insulation material selected must have very high compaction strength to be able to withstand the overlying concrete slates, the product transportation machinery (forklifts, pallet trucks etc.) as well as the facility loads (racks, electrical/mechanical installations etc.) and the stored products’ weight. Moreover, the sealant must have a low thermal conductivity coefficient (λ) so that it offers the sealing capacity required with a relatively small thickness.


Industrial floor insulation with extruded polystyrene Styropan XPS HCS


The ideal products for this application are STYROPAN XPS HCS extruded polystyrene boards that depending on their thickness, offer compaction strength of up to 400 or 500 kPa.

It is imperative to smoothen the underlying layer before installing the thermal insulation boards on top. They are usually placed on cleaning concrete which, in general, does not sufficient flatness. The smoothening of the underlying layer can be achieved either by laying sand or applying self-flattening concrete. Upon placing the thermal insulation, we install metal reinforcement and concreting of the board.