Easyquick II is a handy and versatile expanded and extruded polystyrene cutting machine using hot wire technology. It consists of an aluminum base on which the polystyrene boards to be cut are placed, a cutting bow that bears the wire and is capable of torsion angles ranging from 0o – 55o and a transformer. The wire is heated by pressing the Start button located on the handle.

The boards to be cut must free of glue, adhesive residues and other contaminants.


Polystyrene cutting machine Easyquick-advantages



Its technical specifications:


Cutting length 1220 mm
Cutting depth 220 mm polystyrene cutting machine- Easyquick
Transformer 37 V/ 160 VA
Cutting length 1220 mm
Cutting depth 220 mm
Transformer 37 V/ 160 VA
polystyrene cutting machine- Easyquick






Its operation scheme is the following:

  Polystyrene cutting machine operating scheme- Easyquick


The machine is accompanied by a special butt strap mounted behind the aluminum base and bears special connectors for securing the easyquick on the scaffoldings. Its light weight and its size are its major advantages, which means that there is great flexibility during its transportation on the scaffoldings, saving valuable time for the application workmen. The cuts are now made easily at any point in height while any supplements and special pieces are formed in situ and on the scaffolding.

special butt strap


ability to turn the handle-arc

The ability to turn the handle-arc up to 55o makes the side sections and the creation of beveled edge easy, quick while, at the same time, when the heated wire is used, the cuts are clean and extremely accurate. On both sides of the machine we loosen the bolts until we give the desired cutting angle and then we lock the position by rotating them again, this time in a counterbalancing way.


It is important to read the following safe use instructions carefully and to their entirety.
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